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J’ai été apprendre la français depuis deux ans, mais je continue trouver faire les phrases très difficile. Ma compétence en lire est satisfaisant, mais je trouve parler et écouter á français difficile. Ma classe recevront une nouvelle professeur de franćais pour cette terme et elle a une réputation être très stricte. Il peut-être un bonne chose, mais, naturellement, mes amies et moi sont peur (mort de peur est plus précis), donc je vais écrire cet article dans la français pour s’exercer á grammaire et penser en français.

Je vais mettre la version d’Anglais sous donc n’est rien perdu dans la traduction. S’il y a quelqu’un qui sait français, est-ce que vous pouvez corriger n’importe quel erreur. Je suis heureuse pour n’importe que conseils et il m’aidera seulement s’améliorer.


I’ve been learning French for the last two years, but I’m still finding it difficult to form sentences quickly. My reading is ok, but speaking and listening are very difficult. My class is getting a new French teacher this term, and she has a reputation of being very strict. This can be a good thing, but naturally my friends and I are scared (petrified is more accurate), so I’m going to write this in French to practice my grammar and thinking in French.

I’ll put the English version underneath, so nothing is lost in translation. If any French speakers see this, could you please correct any mistakes. I’m happy for any advice and it will only help me improve.

So I've taken it upon myself to read 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight, and see if 50 Shades really is Twilight fanfic with Bella and Edward's names cut and pasted with Ana and Christian's. Also, I'm always dissing the two of them, but haven't actually read the books and it's not cool to knock it before you've tried it.

Technically, I should read Twilight first, but 50 Shades is "in" at the moment and more ... Pop-culturally relevant at the moment. Besides, a few people I know have described Twilight as like reading bad fanfic, which would make 50 Shades fanfic of bad fanfic, so it shouldn't matter which I read first because the two are interchangeable.

I also just realized I am voluntarily reading fanfic of bad fanfic ... (-_________-) oh, god what am I doing! So, without further ado, here is the first entry of my 50 Shades Reading Log.

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A Town called Mercy

Before I get too loss in gushing about A Town called Malice Mercy, I just want to say I LOVED THAT EPISODE!!! Haven't enjoyed an episode this much since ... I don't know ... The Impossible Astronaut? The Doctor's Wife?

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Dinosaurs! On a Spaceship!


Doctor Who Ep 7:01 Asylum of the Daleks

Finally, Doctor Who is back on and I'm just happy to have something to look forward to every week now. Mind you, this series doesn't properly start in Australia until next Saturday, but the ABC were good enough to put the first ep on iView for us. Btw, BBC what gives? Australians have been Who fans for way longer than the US, yet you let the Americans see it the same day as the Brits, while us Aussies have to flail around for an extra week? I mean, come one! That's hardly fair! And now I can just see exactly how this scene would play out if the world were Hetalia ...

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Eurovision 2012 Final

Well, I've more or less successfully avoided spoiling myself today, although did have a couple of close calls. 

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Eurovision 2012 Semi-finals recap

Although the Eurovision 2012 Finals are over now, Australia's delayed telecast of it doesn't start for another hour (so I'm killing time watching Iron Chef - OMG Chen Kenichi just went to town on a sturgeon!). So I've spent today determinedly avoiding any news on who won the contest. I do know, unfortunately, that it wasn't Iceland (who had a very nice song). As I was out last night attending a wedding, I also missed out on the second Semifinals telecast, so the afternoon was spent watching that and doing my french homework, which in hindsight was not a very good idea. Eurovision is very distracting. Anyway, here are my thoughts on the Semi-finals, which are better than the final due to the higher number of weird and wonderful acts

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This is what the interwebs was made for!

I love Sherlock! And I know a lot of people do too. A lot of people have seen redscharlach's photo-set at her tumblr, but when I saw this, I had to share it as well!

Otters who look like Benedict Cumberbatch

Also, if you like Merlin, read her recaps on her lj, the girl's a comic genius!

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